The Rolling Stones signed limited edtion sumo book 1600 copies

  • “This volume brings together some incredible pictures spanning the past fifty years.” – Mick Jagger

  • “…This book isn’t just the story of The Rolling Stones, but also of the photographers who kept their fingers on the pulse of the times. The photos are unshakeable proof that the Stones are the greatest we’ve ever had.”

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Brand New. The definitive, authorized illustrated history of the world’s greatest rock n roll band. Limited to just 1600 copies worldwide, each numbered. (This book is number 1348) 

Signed very clearly by Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie! 

Sumo size 50cm x 50cm in clamshell box. 

Produced in close collaboration with the band, this book charts the Stones’ remarkable history and outrageously cool lifestyle in over 500 pages of photographs and illustrations, many previously unseen, and gathered from archives all over the world. Unprecedented access to the Rolling Stones own archives in New York and London adds an equally extraordinary, more private side to their story. It features over 500 pages of incredible images from some of the world’s greatest photographers, a foreword written by President Bill Clinton, three new essays from award-winning writers, and an appendix including Stones in the media, a Stones timeline, a discography, and photographers biographies. Unequivocally The Best Guide and History to the Rolling Stones published. 

For The Devoted Fan!!

Hannibal Original Worn Straight Jacket SIGNED AUTOGRAPH by Mads Mikkelsen

Again! another great item we have been asked to sell on behalf of a collector.

Hannibal Lecter’s straight jacket worn by Mads Mikkelsen in the NBC’s Award Winning Drama ‘Hannibal’ Episode 212 ‘Tome-Wan’. The Jacket has also been hand signed by Mads Mikkelsen on the inside-lower reverse extremely clear in black marker adding  the inscription ‘Hannibal’.

The jacket was custom made for the scene where Hannibal is hung in Mason Verger’s pig farm.

The straight jacket is made from a cream coloured canvas and brown leather. The leather straps and buckles on the ends of sleeves are used to restrain the arms, while another strap attaches the front and back of the jacket between the legs. Four buckles along the back secure the jacket closed. The back of the jacket features three ripped cuts along the fabric which were caused by the character Will cutting Hannibal free with a knife.

The straight jacket features light wear from production but remains in great condition.

The Straight Jacket was originally purchased in 2015 via the official Hannibal Prop Store auction and was sold for $9,250.00. The autograph was later collected in person by the then owner in person at Earls Court, London 2016.

This item is on sale at Tel: 01268 581200

Bobby Moore owned worn football boots circa 1952

A pair of vintage football boots, complete with shin pads owned by Bobby Moore circa 1952 and also hand signed by Stanley Matthews.

The boots would have been owned by a young Bobby during an era where he played for Leyton District U13’s and his school team Tom Hood Technical High School for whom in 1952 he helped them win the Crisp Shield. We believe that Bobby would of worn these boots during  this period of games.

As a school boy Bobby Moore’s childhood hero was the late Stanley Matthews. In 1952 Matthews was the star player for Blackpool and was an integral part of the England National Team, a level and standard that a young Bobby would have seen as the promise land for his ambitions. Stanley Matthews helped Blackpool win the FA Cup in 1953. A final that later became known as the ‘Matthews Final’.

At some point of Bobby’s budding and developing career Moore met his hero Matthews as one of the shin pads has a faint Stanley Matthews autograph that Bobby Moore would have obtained himself.

The size of the boots appear to be a size 7. Later in Bobby Moore’s adult career he grew into a size 9 which he wore for the remainder of his glorious career. Moore made his professional debut for West Ham Utd in 1958, 6 years after he helped his school team win the Crisp Shield.

For nearly 7 decades the boots and pads have been kept in an old fashioned style boot box that resembles a form of lock case. The front of the case has Bobby Moore’s initials “BM” in a cut square. The boots are obviously in extremely vintage condition. Lots of signs of usage, mud and wear adding to the nostalgic feel of authenticity. The screw-in studs have some exposed nails and on the left boot a stud is missing. The shin pads are very fragile and have been re-taped several times. One of the pads as stated before has been autographed by Stanley Matthews in a dark ink.

A wonderful piece of footballing memorabilia – classified extremely rare.

Please note that the 2 black and white photos seen in the description do not come with this item but can be emailed to the buyer once purchased.

All our autographs come with a certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee, We are UACC Registered Dealers 204 and AFTAL Approved 004.

These wonderful rare piece of  memorabilia can be found for sale at
email: nicola@sportandstarautographs .com

Bruce Lee For Sale! RARE!

When something like this comes along, it reminds me that there’s rare, and then there’s RARE. It’s a signature – but not any kind of signature.

It’s a signature of a man who died shockingly young, meaning not many examples of his autograph exist, what’s more, he was only famous for a handful of years – reducing the number of signatures still further.

And when I say famous, this guy was – and remains – a cult global star, which means a lot of people want his autograph. That makes his signature almost impossible to own.


He was only 32 when he died in 1973, leaving behind just a handful of memorabilia and autographs, But hold on a minute, if you go to a certain internet auction site, you can find scores of Bruce Lee autographs for sale right now, What’s so rare about that?

Bruce Lee’s signature is one of the most forged in the world, Around 90% of all “Bruce Lee” signatures for sale are fake. That means you have a one in 10 chance of picking out a genuine one. It’s why collectors are willing to fight tooth and nail for any Bruce Lee signature that is definitely genuine – it’s why his signature has grown in value by 14.3% per annum since 2000.

So here is one for sale with wonderful provenance so indeed comes under the category “RARE”

Vintage page hand signed in black ink by iconic actor and martial artist Bruce Lee (died 1973). Beautiful example of a full 1972 Bruce Lee autograph. Extremely rare.

Professionally framed and mounted to museum standard with a 16×20 black and white photo and vinyl Chinese lettering ‘luck, longevity, prosperity, happiness’ attached to the mount. A plaque with the relevant details engraved has also been incorporated into this stunning presentation. Overall size approx 36×32 inches.

The autograph was obtained in 1972 at the Golden Harvest Studios in Kowloon, Hong Kong whilst filming scenes for the movie ‘Way of the Dragon’ by Anders Nelsson. Though the majority of the movie was filmed in Rome, Italy – some of the scenes were filmed at the Golden Harvest Studios known for it’s rich history in producing  Hong Kong Martial Arts movies for the Western Market. Anders Nelsson played an extra in the movie for the ‘double nunchuks/alley ‘ fight scene. Nelsson was hit by Bruce Lee in the scene.

The item comes with paper work including email conversations with past buyers of this autograph and a personal statement from Nelsson on his recollection of what happened on set with Bruce Lee in terms of people obtaining autographs. A photo of Nelsson playing the guitar with Bruce Lee singing along can also be seen.

When Nelsson obtained the autograph in 1972 he passed it on to a young Japanese fan. In 1978 the Japanese fan sold the autograph to a Mr. J McKeown at a Bruce Lee Jamboree Convention in London. Then almost 3 decades later Mr. J McKeown sold the autograph to a Mr T Ussher in 2006. Emails between sellers and buyers also come with the item.

As well as our own in-house authenticator the autograph has also been authenticated by Mike Gutierrez a vintage autograph specialist who additionally compiled the auction of all memorabilia from the Bruce Lee Estate and James Spence of JSA (james spence authentication) a highly reputable autograph expert and authenticator based in the United States. Also comes with proof that these authentications took place.

On sale at Tel: 01268 581200



Authentication Service

It seems collectors new and old are starting to get wise to the con artists! January and Febuary has been very busy on the authentication side.

Authentication is only as good as the knowledge, expertise, and integrity behind it, that’s why Authenticateit works with the worlds experts on autographs and memorabilia, also working in conjunction with the “Autograph Fair Trade Association” AFTAL gives you the only independent authentication service here in the UK. For help and advise on all your authentication needs please call 0044 1268 581200 or email:
Authenticator for Prestige Pawn Brokers as seen on Channel 4s Posh Pawn.

conned by the crooks who prey on sports fans


The glove is one of 28 items Alan Sterling bought from Bonhams between 2000 and 2003

Alan Sterling’s garage is a sports lover’s paradise. A full-size snooker table fills the floor space and bar lights stretch the length of what he calls his ‘man cave’.The walls are filled from floor to ceiling with around 50 items of sports memorabilia, including a signed picture of David Beckham posing with wife Victoria, the glove of German golfing great Bernhard Langer and a cricket bat signed by the legendary former England batsman Sir Jack Hobbs.Alan’s prize possession is a boxing glove signed by some of the best heavyweights ever to grace the ring — Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Riddick Bowe, Larry Holmes, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson.

Alan, a 74-year-old retired property developer, bought the glove from the world-famous auction house Bonhams for £494 in 2000.But in September, he and his wife, Irene, 73, were watching Rip Off Britain and started to get worried.

A sports memorabilia expert,  said forged signatures were everywhere.

Alan sent the expert a picture of his prized glove — and he got the news he’d been dreading: it was, indeed, a fake. When Money Mail sent the picture to two other independent experts, one of them, Mark Woodhead, a valuer and auctioneer at memorabilia dealer Spirit of Sport, said the glove was ‘one of the most appalling fakes I’ve ever seen’.

Marc Mclennan, from www. authenticateit., agreed.

Alan approached Bonhams to get his money back, but the auction house refused to refund the price of the glove. A spokesman says Alan missed his only chance to complain years ago. ‘This sale took place 16 years ago, in 2000. Apart from the basic details of the sale, we no longer have any other information about it,’ the company says in a statement.

‘According to the relevant conditions of sale at the time, Mr Sterling had one year in which to return any item he believed to be a forgery.’ The glove is one of 28 items Alan bought from Bonhams between 2000 and 2003, and he fears others could be worth much less than he paid.Alan says: ‘I’m a sports fanatic. I played football until I was 52, but I’ve also played cricket, squash, tennis . . . you name it. When I saw that glove I had to have it. So it was such a shame to find out it is not real.’Sports memorabilia is big business, and some collectors spend a fortune on items worn or signed by their idols.For example, the shorts Muhammad Ali wore in his 1963 fight against British boxer Henry Cooper at Wembley fetched £70,000 at a recent auction, while the autographs of sports stars can go for thousands of pounds.But con artists have also identified it as an easy way to make a heap of cash for very little effort.

The problem, experts say, is that many auction houses don’t employ the specialists needed to tell fake sports items from real ones.

According to Mr King, who runs the autograph dealer Autografica, eight out of ten items of sporting memorabilia sold on auction website eBay are fakes.‘It’s sad to see so many people buy these things and they have no comeback — there is no chance of getting your money back,’ he says.‘These people are buying rubbish for lots of money, and yet it doesn’t take longer than ten minutes to do some checks on the item that you’re buying.’ He says to make sure you are getting an authentic item, you need to ensure you see it with your own eyes — don’t rely on a photo.

This is because fraudsters often scan copies of auction house catalogues and then pass them off as their own.When you’re looking at the item, check for obvious signs of forgery. For example, if you’re buying a signed autograph, check the copyright on the back. Poor forgeries have been known to have displayed a copyright dated after the signatory’s death. If possible, do your homework on what the real signature looks like, and compare it to the item.Look at the price and compare it with similar items on sale. If it’s much cheaper, it’s likely to be fake.Do your homework on the seller, too.

If you’re still unsure, the Autograph Fair Trade Association Ltd (Aftal) was set up by a group of dealers to stamp out fake items. It lists approved dealers and authenticators on its website,, or call 01322 290394.

If you’re happy with the item, always pay by credit card. As long as the item is worth more than £100, you’ll be able to claim a refund from the card provider under section 75 of the consumer credit act if it does turn out to be fake.

The experts say you should never buy from dealers who don’t accept cards — and don’t pay cash. ‘If you’ve done your checks and you still have your doubts, just walk away,’ he adds.

AFTAL approved authentication service


New Series of Posh Pawn and Sport & Star Autographs to be screened in September!

Recently filmed at the store of Sport & Star Autographs was a episode of Posh Pawn,

The episode which is due to go out sometime in September 2016 shows a large collection of autographs which included some all time greats like Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Agatha Christie, Prince and Princess Grace of Monaco, Edward and Mrs Simpson and many others.

The autographs were all obtained by a Mr Nulty in a very unusual way! He would send the person in question a unique poem dedicated to them, to which he would get a signed letter as a reply with a message thanking him for the poem, sometimes a signed photo would be included.

All are now on sale at details of just a few other from this fantastic collection are listed below.

prestige Mcqueen1
prestige princess graceprestige edward and Mrs Simpsonprestige christie

Other autographs from this great collection include:

James Caney, Richard Burton, Bob Hope, John Huston, James Mason, Robert Montgomery, Steve McQueen, John Travolta, Gregory Peck, George Burns, Kris Kristofferson, Stewart Granger, Danny Kaye, Gracie Fields, Dame Anna Neagle, Agatha Christie, Lawrence Olivier, Richard Attenborough, Alec Guinness, John Gielgud, Noel Coward, Dudley Moore, Sean Connery, David Niven, Roger Moore, Virginia McKenna, Spike Milligan, Jack Warner, Julie Andrews, Duke and Duchess of Winsor, Mountbatten of Burma, Robert F Kennedy, Edward Kennedy, Rockefeller, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Pierre Trudeau, John Diefenbaker, President Tito, Clementine Spencer, Winston Churchill grandson, Douglas Bader, Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis JR, Frank Sinarta, Elvis Presley, Glen Campbell, John Denver, Paul Simon, Johnny Cask, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan also  many British MPs and Prime Ministers and vintage British comedy starts from film and TV. the collection includes hundreds more names not listed all signed in the 60s and 70s.


Elvis Presley Sportop worn signed shirt

When something speical comes along worth sharing i like to get it out there for the collectors to see, well here is is a Sporttop white shirt hand signed signed clearly in black ink on the chest pock by Rock & Roll legend Elvis Presley This is Elvis Presleys owened worn short sleeve shirt bearing Sporttop label size 15-15 1/2

MGM purchased several of these Sporttop shirts for elvis film Jailhouse rock, Elvis liked the shirts so much he took a number of them and used them for every day wear.

Obtained by Bill Farrow who in 1958  was employed by the Hilbert’s Park Hotel in Bad Nauheim Germany, his role was head porter. Elvis Presley and family members stayed at the hotel for around 3 weeks. On many occasions he undertook many duties for Elvis Presley and his family. When Elvis was leaving the hotel in late 1958 he presented Mr Farrow with a very nice white shirt and told him to have it as a gift. he ask Elvis if he would sign it for him. The shirt has a sportop label and was owned by Elvis Presley when stationed in Germany

The autograph has been authenticated by the author of A Study Of Elvis Presley’s Autograph.

On sale now at tel: 01268 581200 for details.



The Greatest! He shook up the World! R.I.P. Muhammad Ali.

Well could this year get any worse for losing our hero’s and top name celebrities, there will never be another Muhammad Ali, without question his legacy is one that he defied the odds because he stood up for what he believed in and when he was put to the test he took personal harm rather then go against his beliefs and what he stood for, his passing was a sad day for life, he was a inspiration to so many people.

So again its time for the fakers and forgers to take advantage of a heros death,  i dont know what was worse, the forgerys that hit Ebay within hours of his death or the bandits out to make a quick buck selling fake Ali autographs!

Come on people get real! heck your autographs before buying, not after! It could be too late! you know the saying, if its too good to be true it normaly is! Autograph collecting can be great fun and a great investment opportunity, so why spoil it getting caught with a fake! Like many dealers we are happy to help and point you in the right direction, if you need advice before buying an autograph please email or give us a call on 01268 581200.

Here is a link to Muhammad Ali autograph examples its a great reference that will help you

To Muhammad Ali, we thank you sir!

Posh Pawn is Back! New Series!

So whats been happing in the world of authenticating! we have been filming the new series of Channel 4s Posh Pawn. we had the pleaure of visiting Michael Conitzer in Westminster London to view and film his large boxing collection, along with my self and Lawrence Pickett from Prestige Pawn Brokers, i had a very good friend of mine Stuart Livermore the current IBA Heavy Weight world champion come along and give his expert advise on the items. and what a surprise! the collection was awesome! there was some fantasic unusual  items apart from a large collection of signed gloves, there was some great Muhammed Ali signed items which included a 24″ x 30″ Ali over liston phantom punch photo signed in the much rarer to find Cassius Clay autograph fantactic provence, signed in Chicago 1998 at a private signing.

Another great find was a 1971 orignal Ali – Frazier fight poster, and also a large oversized gold Everlast glove signed by 14 boxers and traniers many now past away. all these items plus many more from the collection are now on sale at

posh1 posh3 posh2

Meanwhile back in the Basildon store we filmed what was maybe one of the best collections of autographs i have come across in many years, Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen included!

posh 5

Next up Claudia! she came along with Dame Shirley Bassey’s signed handbag! a very busy day a

posh10posh 8

If you have any enquires regarding the items being that are featured above please email for more details.