Bruce Lee For Sale! RARE!

When something like this comes along, it reminds me that there’s rare, and then there’s RARE. It’s a signature – but not any kind of signature.

It’s a signature of a man who died shockingly young, meaning not many examples of his autograph exist, what’s more, he was only famous for a handful of years – reducing the number of signatures still further.

And when I say famous, this guy was – and remains – a cult global star, which means a lot of people want his autograph. That makes his signature almost impossible to own.


He was only 32 when he died in 1973, leaving behind just a handful of memorabilia and autographs, But hold on a minute, if you go to a certain internet auction site, you can find scores of Bruce Lee autographs for sale right now, What’s so rare about that?

Bruce Lee’s signature is one of the most forged in the world, Around 90% of all “Bruce Lee” signatures for sale are fake. That means you have a one in 10 chance of picking out a genuine one. It’s why collectors are willing to fight tooth and nail for any Bruce Lee signature that is definitely genuine – it’s why his signature has grown in value by 14.3% per annum since 2000.

So here is one for sale with wonderful provenance so indeed comes under the category “RARE”

Vintage page hand signed in black ink by iconic actor and martial artist Bruce Lee (died 1973). Beautiful example of a full 1972 Bruce Lee autograph. Extremely rare.

Professionally framed and mounted to museum standard with a 16×20 black and white photo and vinyl Chinese lettering ‘luck, longevity, prosperity, happiness’ attached to the mount. A plaque with the relevant details engraved has also been incorporated into this stunning presentation. Overall size approx 36×32 inches.

The autograph was obtained in 1972 at the Golden Harvest Studios in Kowloon, Hong Kong whilst filming scenes for the movie ‘Way of the Dragon’ by Anders Nelsson. Though the majority of the movie was filmed in Rome, Italy – some of the scenes were filmed at the Golden Harvest Studios known for it’s rich history in producing  Hong Kong Martial Arts movies for the Western Market. Anders Nelsson played an extra in the movie for the ‘double nunchuks/alley ‘ fight scene. Nelsson was hit by Bruce Lee in the scene.

The item comes with paper work including email conversations with past buyers of this autograph and a personal statement from Nelsson on his recollection of what happened on set with Bruce Lee in terms of people obtaining autographs. A photo of Nelsson playing the guitar with Bruce Lee singing along can also be seen.

When Nelsson obtained the autograph in 1972 he passed it on to a young Japanese fan. In 1978 the Japanese fan sold the autograph to a Mr. J McKeown at a Bruce Lee Jamboree Convention in London. Then almost 3 decades later Mr. J McKeown sold the autograph to a Mr T Ussher in 2006. Emails between sellers and buyers also come with the item.

As well as our own in-house authenticator the autograph has also been authenticated by Mike Gutierrez a vintage autograph specialist who additionally compiled the auction of all memorabilia from the Bruce Lee Estate and James Spence of JSA (james spence authentication) a highly reputable autograph expert and authenticator based in the United States. Also comes with proof that these authentications took place.

On sale at Tel: 01268 581200