Hannibal Original Worn Straight Jacket SIGNED AUTOGRAPH by Mads Mikkelsen

Again! another great item we have been asked to sell on behalf of a collector.

Hannibal Lecter’s straight jacket worn by Mads Mikkelsen in the NBC’s Award Winning Drama ‘Hannibal’ Episode 212 ‘Tome-Wan’. The Jacket has also been hand signed by Mads Mikkelsen on the inside-lower reverse extremely clear in black marker adding  the inscription ‘Hannibal’.

The jacket was custom made for the scene where Hannibal is hung in Mason Verger’s pig farm.

The straight jacket is made from a cream coloured canvas and brown leather. The leather straps and buckles on the ends of sleeves are used to restrain the arms, while another strap attaches the front and back of the jacket between the legs. Four buckles along the back secure the jacket closed. The back of the jacket features three ripped cuts along the fabric which were caused by the character Will cutting Hannibal free with a knife.

The straight jacket features light wear from production but remains in great condition.

The Straight Jacket was originally purchased in 2015 via the official Hannibal Prop Store auction and was sold for $9,250.00. The autograph was later collected in person by the then owner in person at Earls Court, London 2016.

This item is on sale at www.sportandstarautographs.com Tel: 01268 581200