The Greatest! He shook up the World! R.I.P. Muhammad Ali.

Well could this year get any worse for losing our hero’s and top name celebrities, there will never be another Muhammad Ali, without question his legacy is one that he defied the odds because he stood up for what he believed in and when he was put to the test he took personal harm rather then go against his beliefs and what he stood for, his passing was a sad day for life, he was a inspiration to so many people.

So again its time for the fakers and forgers to take advantage of a heros death,  i dont know what was worse, the forgerys that hit Ebay within hours of his death or the bandits out to make a quick buck selling fake Ali autographs!

Come on people get real! heck your autographs before buying, not after! It could be too late! you know the saying, if its too good to be true it normaly is! Autograph collecting can be great fun and a great investment opportunity, so why spoil it getting caught with a fake! Like many dealers we are happy to help and point you in the right direction, if you need advice before buying an autograph please email or give us a call on 01268 581200.

Here is a link to Muhammad Ali autograph examples its a great reference that will help you

To Muhammad Ali, we thank you sir!